Friday, March 9, 2012

Much Ado About Critical Race Theory

So before Breitbart hopped on a steep slide to hell, he procured a video of a young Barack Obama introducing Albert Bell, a Harvard professor famous for his contribution to the field of Critical Race Theory. CRT essentially states that the liberal view that a colorblind approach to assimilating blacks was either ineffective or simply too gradual, so in order to make immediate progress one should not only highlight racial differences, but proactively seek remedies based on these differences. Affirmative action would be an example. Of course Breitbart's audience who, like himself, have not shown themselves to be critical thinkers, have decided that this video is evidence of Obama's generic "radicalization." As I've just stated the conservative right, which relative to other first world countries should be termed the extreme right, have never been able to specifically pin any radical ideology to Barack, only associations, because he's never actually acted in a way consistent with extremism on any issue: he's essentially been the prototypical moderate. Desperate times...

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